Top 10 Famous People from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, IN City View

1. Jenna Fischer

The Office – Actress

Jenna Fischer is most well-known for her role as Pam Beesly in The Office. She was nominated for an Emmy nomination and received two SAG Awards for Outstanding Performance of an Ensemble Comedy.

She was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

2. Shelley Long

Cheers – Actress

Shelley Lee Long was created at 7:15 AM on Tuesday, August 23, 1949, in Indian Village, Fort Wayne (Indiana), USA. She is the only child Ivadine Williams, a schoolteacher, as well as Leland Long who previously worked in the rubber business. Shelley was educated at Kekionga Junior School.

3. Carole Lombard

Actress – To be or not to be

Carole Lombard was a daughter of Jane Alice Peters, Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 6, 1908. After her parents divorced, her mother took her family out West. They settled down in Los Angeles after their trip. They were spotted playing ball in the streets with the…

4. Dick York

Actor – Inherit The Wind

The most famous example of the gangly York is the frustrated and first “Darrin” Stephens on the TV series Bewitched (1964). A chronic back condition forced him to leave the series in 1969. Acting for Life was a private fund-raising initiative for homeless people that he started in 1969.

5. Robert Rusler

Actor – Weird Science

Robert Rusler, actor, writer, natural performer, and athlete was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on September 20, 1965. Soon after his birth, he moved to Hawaii where he settled on Waikiki Beach. He began skateboarding and surfing semi-professionally. His family moved to Los Angeles at a young age.

6. Dan Butler

Actor – Frasier

Dan Butler was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on December 2, 1954. He is an actor, writer, and known for Frasier (1993), The Silence of the Lambs (91), and Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011). Richard Waterhouse is his wife since September 12, 2010.

7. Eric Bruskotter

Crimson Tide Actor

Eric Bruskotter is a big, strong, blond-haired actor with a long and varied acting career that spans well beyond 20 years. Bruskotter was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on March 22, 1966. An episode of…was his first acting gig.

8. Herb Vigran

Charlotte’s Web – Actor

Vigran, a well-known character actor, was originally a graduate of law school. Vigran decided to become an actor and he appeared on hundreds of radio programs with Bob Hope, Jack Benny and Jimmy Durante. He was often seen as the villains in Adventures of Superman (1952).

9. Lyn Thomas

Actress – Big Timber

Lyn Thomas, Indiana-born, was an actor on the stage before she moved to Hollywood in the late 1940s. She worked under contract to Eagle Lion Productions, Hal Wallis Productions, and 20th Century-Fox, but never got the coveted brass ring. She appeared in many B movies and TV shows.

10. Drake Hogestyn

Days of Our Lives – Actor

Drake Hogestyn was a Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, native. He is an actor and was known for Days of Our Lives (1965), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (822) and Otherworld (1985). Since December 31, 1986, he has been married to Victoria Post. They have four children.